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Ocean Observing in the Gulf of Maine

The Coastal Ocean Observing Center at the University of New Hampshire has developed and implemented a system for monitoring the linked oceanic and estuarine ecosystem in our region. This monitoring system has the capability to detect changes in the ecosystem across multiple physical and trophic levels.

The unique and invaluable time series being generated by our monitoring program is among the most important achievements of the Center since its establishment in 2002. The data are from the buoys and ship transects and from satellites. Other achievements include the use of technologically advanced sensors on UNH buoys and sampling cruises, the development of award winning educational materials and tools, and an ability to connect to user communities through presentations, displays, news media, and publications.



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The Coastal Ocean Observing Center was established in August 2002 as a part of NOAA’s Coastal Observation Technology System. Activities are now also sponsored by the National Science Foundation Grant OCE-851447.


Cruise Cruise, Baby! This video highlights the pros and cons of life as a sea-going research scientist.

The Changing Ocean Lessons featuring real time and archived ocean data though the use of Google Earth technology.  This collaboration between the Gulf of Maine Census of Marine Life Program and the UNH Coastal Observing Center produced this mini unit which was presented to teachers at the National Marine Educator Meeting in Portland, ME in 2007.

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